CMSWebServices Release Notes

Release 1.84 - Mar 2015

  1. Added ability to use Integrated Windows Authentication to access SQL Server.
  2. Added meta tags to force IE compatibility mode.

Release 1.83 - Nov 2013

  1. Install - removed the LDAP authentication option.
  2. Install - fixed problem with incorrectly setting .NET version to 2.0 instead of 4.0.

Release 1.82 - May 2012

  1. RPAM Calculations - fixed a problem with DEP periods not counting towards retirement points, even when > 50 retirement points were accrued for the period.
  2. RPAM Calculations - fixed a problme with partial periods where credit was not given for partial periods where less than 50 retirement points were accrued. For example, if a soldier had a period of service for 6 months, and accrued 25 retirement points, they SHOULD get credit for that time.
  3. RPAM Calculations - fixed a problem where in certain scenarios service periods spanning a leap years would not break correctly.
  4. RPAM Calculations - fixed a problem where the RYE date wasn't established after an E6 period, which threw off the periods of service for the next period.
  5. RPAM Page - Reformatted the page and added cumulative service period calculations.
  6. Removed COM+ Components.

Release 1.81 - Nov 2011

  1. RPAM Calculations - fixed a problem with incorrect calculation of Prior Active Federal Service.

Release 1.80 - Nov 2010

  1. RPAM Summary now includes IET totals. Used for DD214.
  2. Data Synch - SIDPERS Soldier IDs synch process updated so that it won't fail when a bad End of Eval date is entered in SIDPERS.
  3. Database updated to version 1.78.

Release 1.79 - Sept 2010

  1. Installations now Windows Server 2008 compliant.

Release 1.78 - Feb 2010

  1. RPAM Calculations - fixed an issue with the Total Service for Retired Pay calculations (used by Discharges). Problem was where an RPAM record, which was not the last record in a given year, had a non-zero CURR_YR_RET_PT that was less than 50, but the year's total retirement points were actually greater than 50. During the Total Service for Retired Pay calculations, this period would NOT be given as credit when it should have been.
  2. RPAM Calculations - fixed a 2nd issue with Total Service for Retired Pay calculations. Problem was where there was a period with a CURR_YR_RET_PT of 0 and the next period with a non-zero CURR_YR_RET_PT spanned into a different year. The system would use the CURR_YR_RET_PT from the following year to determine whether the soldier had 50 points and the time was eligible for retirement, when it should have used a 0 for the retirement points for the year.
  3. Fixed an organizational security related error that can occur in some situations where the Report Sequence Codes had trailing blanks.
  4. Database upgraded to version 1.76.

Release 1.77 - Jan 2010

  1. Fixed an issue with some SQL script that runs during the installation.

Release 1.76 - Jan 2010

  1. Fixed issue with Awards and Weapons Qual Reference tables permission error when saving.

Release 1.75 - Jan 2008

  1. Changed Soldier Awards primary key from int to bigint.
  2. Database upgrade to 1.74

Release 1.74 - Jul 2007

  1. Support for 7 charactere RSCs in SIDPERS.
  2. Fixed a problem with the SIDPERS Awards Synch not clearing out all the old records before importing new ones.
  3. Database upgrade to 1.73

Release 1.73 - May 2007

  1. Fixed a problem with the Awards synch process caused by bad dates in Date Awarded field in SIDPERS.
  2. Database upgrade to 1.72

Release 1.72 - April 2007

  1. Fixed a problem with the Awards synchronization and soldiers with a REC_PREC <> '9999999'
  2. Database upgrade to 1.71

Release 1.71 - Mar 2007

  1. Fixed several issues caused by using the Oracle 10.2 client on the SQL Server. These include:
    1. View RPAM Summary window.
    2. SIDPERS Awards Synchronization.
  2. Changed the "Data Synchronization" page to show which procedure is running.
  3. Data Synchronization - clicking "Select" now checks all boxes.
  4. Database upgrade to 1.70

Release 1.70 - Mar 2007

  1. Fixed an issue with usp_Synch_SIDPERS_SoldierIDs when updating the MOS reference table.
  2. Database upgrade to 1.69

Release 1.69 - Feb 2007

  1. Add MPC to the MOS Titles reference table.
  2. SIDPERS 10G Issue - fixed a problem with the award dates coming across incorrectly during the SIDPERS Awards Synch process.
  3. Database upgrade to 1.68

Release 1.68 - Jan 2007

  1. SIDPERS 10G Issue - usp_Synch_SIDPERS_SoldierIDs date problem fixed.
  2. Database upgrade to 1.67

Release 1.67 - Jan 2007

  1. AKO LDAP Authentication support added.
  2. Database upgrade to 1.66

Release 1.66 - Oct 2006

  1. Fixed a bug where the NCOER synch process got an error about the c1 cursor already exists.
  2. Database upgrade to 1.65

Release 1.65 - Sep 2006

  1. Fix a problem with Discharges security where a capitalized "Application" name in the security tables caused problems.
  2. Fix for the RPAM Summary and Discharges. Users of Discharges would get an error when trying to view the RPAM summary on Discharged soldiers.
  3. Fixed a problem with the usp_FlagEvents_All stored procedure that causes problems on systems where database replication is enabled.
  4. Database upgrade to 1.64

Release 1.64 - Sep 2006

  1. Fixed security issue with the RPAM Summary so that the Awards Tracking system can use it.
  2. Fix for using relative paths instead of server names. Helps with portals.

Release 1.63 - May 2006

  1. Database update to version 1.62, 1.63.
  2. Alterations to work with SQL Server 2005.
  3. Appinstaller update for SQL Server 2005.
  4. Linked server TestSQL change.
  5. Fix for usp_SIDPERS_SoldierSearch error when searching by SSN.

Release 1.62 - Jan 2006

  1. Database update to version 1.61.
  2. TestSQL for linked servers not running during installation or Install/Upgrade Database.
  3. Update for usp_SIDPERS_SoldierSearch using fully qualified name.
  4. Force user to select a state when installing CMSWebServices.
  5. Enable buffering incorporated into AppInstaller for configuring Virtual Directories.
  6. Fix for error when changing Unit on UserEdit page.
  7. Fix for causing an error in a few states of "cursor c1 already exists" during the loader
  8. Added function to MOS Reference table to pull all MOS from SIDPERS.
  9. Set Linked Server Login - change the message to make it more explanatory.
  10. Added User Role Report to show users that are configured and thier roles.

Release 1.61 - Dec 2005

  1. Fix for Header error on User List page when opening from initial install.

Release 1.60 - Dec 2005

  1. Fix for "txtOfficeSymbol" runtime error on User Edit page.

Release 1.59 - Dec 2005

  1. Menu update for selecting non-link menu item.
  2. Database update 1.60.

Release 1.58 - Nov 2005

  1. Menu update to allow selecting top level menu item for navigation.
  2. Increased height of drop down menus.
  3. Modify LossSoldierDO xsl document to read from tblSIDPERSLoss.
  4. Removed the Office and Find Office links and text field from UserEdit.
  5. Removed the Office Admin roles from UserEdit page.
  6. Database update 1.59.

Release 1.57 - Nov 2005

  1. Update for Soldier Search by SSN.
  2. Database update v1.58.

Release 1.56 - Oct 2005

  1. Modified table tblImportRef for "hsdsplf".
  2. Modified database release update sql for version 1.56.
  3. Removed from the Configuration page "MILPO Orders Version".
  4. Removed more "Office Admin" roles and persmissions.
  5. Added SIDPERS linked server definition to DBUpdates.xml for CMSWebServices.
  6. Database update v1.57 - for Office Admin roles, linked server definitions and tblImportRef.

Release 1.55 - Oct 2005

  1. Provided ability to import PERMS data into CMSWebServices.
  2. Removed "sa"user from the rcas_table.
  3. Modified table data for "hsdsplf".
  4. Changed the Configuration page label to show "MILPO Orders Webserver name".
  5. Removed "Office Admin" roles and persmissions.
  6. Removed SIDPERS linked server definition from DBUpdates.xml.
  7. Updated TestLinkedServerPermissions.sql loaded.
  8. Database update v1.56 - SGLI elections table update in CMS database, PERMS import updates.

Release 1.54 - Oct 2005

  1. Fix errors recieved when adding new items to Weapons Qual reference table.

Release 1.53 - Oct 2005

  1. Fix errors recieved when selecting items in Awards, MOS Titles and Weapons Type reference tables.
  2. Added file: TestLinkedServerPersmissions.sql. This does a query against all the tables that we are hitting via linked servers. If you run it and get any errors, it means the Oracle permissions were not set up correctly .

Release 1.52 - Oct 2005

  1. Update for Discharges RPAM Summary.

Release 1.51 - Sep 2005

  1. Database upgrade v1.55 - update for Discharges RPAM Summary.

Release 1.50 - Sep 2005

  1. Database upgrade v1.54 - Add linked server stored procedures.

Release 1.49 - Sep 2005

  1. Database upgrade v1.53 - update usp_Ref_PayGrade for officer.

Release 1.48 - Aug 2005

  1. Database upgrade v1.52 - add stored procedure to run all synch processes.

Release 1.47 - Aug 2005

  1. Database upgrade for Officer Search - v1.51.

Release 1.46 - Aug 2005

  1. Upgrade for changes in DA21 and Discharges.
  2. Changes to FindSoldierOrCiv.
  3. Upgrade for UserServicesDO.
  4. Database upgrade for Officer Search and Enlisted Search.

Release 1.45 - July 2005

  1. Upgrade for Discharges - DA4836.

Release 1.44 - May 2005

  1. Default SQL Timeout set to "0" - no timeout.

Release 1.43 - Apr 2005

  1. Pay Grade added to sidSoldierIDs table.
  2. sidOrganizations table added and is populated from SIDPERS as part of the SoldierID synchronizations.
  3. Data Synchronization Processes - background process removed and message now shows next to the button so it will be more visible.

Release 1.42 - Apr 2005

  1. SIDPERS Soldier IDs Synch process updated to include UPC and Attached UPC for security purposes.

Release 1.41 - Mar 2005

  1. Synchronization Processes page added to help manage data synchronization between SIDPERS, AITS and TwinEngines product suite.
  2. Soldier ID synchronization with SIDPERS now includes UPC and Attached UPC for security purposes.
  3. The connection string to the database server is now encrypted in the registry on the web server.

Release 1.40 - Feb 2005

  1. Background SQL Batch functionality added to support T&S Tracking.

Release 1.39 - Oct 2004

  1. Search on Loss Soldiers by SSN was not working.

Release 1.38 - Oct 2004

  1. DOUtil Enhancements for Training Tracking.

Release 1.37 - Sep 2004

  1. SIDPERS Soldier Search error fix.

Release 1.36 - Sep 2004

  1. Doc_data and Doc_data_import tables created for import of PERMS data.
  2. RPAM Summary page and components moved from Discharges to CMSWebServices so it can be shared with multiple applications (e.g. Awards).

Release 1.35 - Aug 2004

  1. MILPO Orders and CMS Removed from application list.

Release 1.34 - Jul 2004

  1. Changes were made so that you don't have to manually set the "Allow Parent Paths" option in IIS Admin for Windows 2003 servers.
  2. Added support for Training and Security Tracking application.
  3. Awards - fixed a problem with an error message about "Control_onblur()" when editing the awards reference table.
  4. Awards - some records were not returning in search. Fixed.
  5. Awards - the "truncate table" statement in the usp_Normalize_Awards procedure was changed to "delete from". Only the database owner has the right to run a "truncate table", so unless the loader was run with the sa login, it would fail on this stored procedure.

Release 1.33 - Apr 2004

  1. Enhancements added for Discharges package.
  2. PMOS for loss soldiers problem fixed.

Release 1.31 - Mar 2004

  1. Added MOSTitles reference table.

Release 1.30 - Mar 2004

  1. Added Configuration to set the MILPO Orders version and server name.

Release 1.29 - Nov 2003

  1. Non Soldier Management - Search: Fixed a problem where the logins were being displayed multiple times.

Release 1.28 - Nov 2003

  1. Fixed problem with Find Soldier/Civ under user administration.
  2. Find Soldier/Civ - Non Soldiers are now included in organization security.

Release 1.27 - Nov 2003

  1. Various updates in support of other applications.
  2. Upgraded ActiveReports to latest release.

Release 1.23 - Aug 2003

  1. View Audit Log - problem with this page caused all Audit Log records for for all OERSupport or JODSupport forms to be displayed to the user instead of only the Audit Log records that pertained to the specific OERSupport or JODSupport form the user was viewing.
  2. A new table, tblSIDPERSLoss, was created and entries added into the CMS table, tblImportRef, which will allow the Loader to import the entire loss file into this table. Future releases of the Discharges application will use this table for soldiers no longer in SIDPERS as opposed to tblLossData, which has much less information.

Release 1.22 - Jun 2003

  1. Various fixes in support of other applications.

Release 1.21 - April 2003

  1. Awards Reference Table - delete did not work and is now fixed.
  2. Awards Reference Table - when creating a new award, an error occured when adding Medals and Appurtenances.
  3. Awards Reference Table - after editing an award, the system would incorrectly redirect to the starting applications page.
  4. Awards Reference Table - Search option added instead of showing entire list.
  5. Awards Reference Table - when creating a new award, an error could occur trying to insert a blank appurtenancne
  6. Awards Reference Table - you will get an error message if you try to enter an award without entering the code
  7. User Admin - error message of "Are you want to do this" fixed to say "Are you sure you want to do this".
  8. User Admin - problem with "Invalid session  error when administering users should be fixed.
  9. Non-Soldiers - Rank changed to a text field to allow non-National Guard ranks.

Release 1.20 - Feb 2003

  1. Release Notes menu option added.
  2. Some changes were made to better support unit reorganizations and the new loader.