Awards Tracking

"We need a easy, automated way to nominate, track and manage awards for soldiers."

The TwinEngines Awards Tracking system helps manage and maintain soldiers' awards records. The system estimates when soldiers are eligible for any Time-In-Service based awards and helps ensure that soldiers receive these awards in a timely manner. It also allows you to quickly masspublish batches of awards to units or multiple soldiers all at the same time, as well as track award nominations across the state.


  • Calculations for Federal Awards:
    • Armed Forces Reserve Medal (AFRM)
    • Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal (ARCAM)
    • Army Good Conduct Medal (AGCM)
  • Calculations for soldiers eligible for each award and when soldiers are due an award
  • Eligibility roster by organization
  • Ability to push the Review/Publish awards capability to MACOMS, Battalions or the unit
  • Receive the capability to track any state awards basedon time-in-service with the purchase of a package




  • Pre-populate the DA638 with data from SIDPERS
  • Integrated Case Management tool for tracking the DA638
    • Route approvals to other organizations
    • Assign tasks to the DA638 case to multiple personnel
    • Attach documents and notes to the case
    • Verify/validate the submitted DA638
    • Predefined workflows based on DA600-8-22 regulation



Additional features include creating batches of awards for entire units with just a few keystrokes; generating memos, certificates, etc., from batches; reviewing soldier Awards records and making changes (with a full audit log); and synchronizing Awards with SIDPERS (with a full audit log of awards pushed to SIDPERS).


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TWINENGINES provides an easy way to help soilders receive the awards they deserve.

Awards Tracking Product Features

  • Calculates eligibility for Time in Service-based awards including:
    • ARCAM
    • AFRM
    • AGCM
    • State Awards
  • Creates eligibility rosters for Time in Service-based awards
  • Enables mass publishing of awards to units and groups of soldiers
  • Provides online tracking of award recommendations using the DA638 form
  • Allows reviews and updates awards of in SIDPERS
    • Audit log shows user changes, date/time
  • Pushes awards to SIDPERS
    • Full audit log of who pushed, when, where award originated

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