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Training Portal Reports

Case Management

  • Case Management Overview - PowerPoint presentation that gives you an overview of Case Management and how it can be used to process SAARs, quickly task personnel based off of a list of Soldiers, and track proceses like Soldier Out Processing.
  • SAAR Processing - see how you can use the Case Management system to track and manage System Authorization and Access Requests (SAARs), along with Acceptable Use Policy and Annual Training for users.
  • SIDPERS Data Quality Issues - see how the Case  Management System can monitor SIDPERS for data quality issues, like finding Officers without a Civilian Education code of a bachelor's degree or higher, and automatically create a case to track and manage the issue until resolution.
  • Simple Tasking - see how you can use the Case Management system to do simple tasking to Personnel or Organizations.
  • Soldier Out Processing - see how the Case Management system can be used to track multiple tasks assigned to users across the Enterprise.


  • Migrating to the New Discharges - PowerPoint presentation that will help migrate to the new version of Discharges built on top of Case Management.
  • NGB-22 - See the new version of Discharges and how you can process NGB22 cases, including completing the NGB22 form and sending it electronically to PERMS.
  • Discharge from the ING (Failure to Muster) - An example of an automated workflow that includes multiple forms and documents, cited regulations, and a simple approval process through the chain of command to the G1.
  • Discharge Trainee (BCT or AIT) - See how you can create automated workflows that include full instructions from regulations (including links to the regulations), plus including tasks for completing appropriate documentation and sending them all to PERMS.
  • AWOL Discharges - see an example of how you can create a customized workflow/approval process for Discharging an AWOL soldier.
  • Creating/Customizing the AWOL Discharge Case Type - see how the AWOL Discharge workflow was created and customized.
  • Additional Discharges Features - see the process for tracking ETS'ing soldiers along with a quick glimpse at the Mandatory Removal and Forced Separations discharge cases.

ETrans Manager

Awards Tracking

  • Tracking Time In Service Based Awards - See how the Awards Tracking system can help you track and manage your awards based off of time in service like the ARCAM, AGCM, and AFRM.
  • PERMS Integration - see how you can quickly review and approve an award, then have the system generate a certificate or memo for the award and push it directly to PERMS through PERMS Integrator.
  • DA638 processing - View how the new Case Management functions in the Awards Tracking system can help you process and track the DA638.
  • Awards Templates - Utilize the Awards Template functionality to generate Award memos and certificates.


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