Case Management

Case Managment

"We need a better way to keep track of on-going personnel and organizational-related activities across all our departments."

The TwinEngines Case Management system helps you better coordinate and manage personnel and organizational-related activities across your enterprise. A "case" can be as simple as a single task assigned to one person or organization, or can be as complex as a long running process that requires the coordination of multiple personnel within different organizations to complete numerous tasks sequentially or in parallel. You can customize the Case Management system with multiple case types, allowing you to capture your own unique data elements, workflows and approval processes. Within every case you can log notes, attach documents and create tasks, approvals, meetings, and emails that are all tracked along with the case.

Case Management3

With the Bulk Case Generation utility, you can monitor your personnel system (or any system you can access through a SQL query) and automatically generate a case with a predefined set of tasks and activities. You can even automatically close the case when the monitor shows that the condition it is monitoring for is no longer applicable.

Case Management1

Case Management2

You can import and export case types to share with other entities.  See our Case Type Library to download pre-defined case types to help you jump start your Case Management implementation.  

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  • Integrates with existing systems for organizational and personnel information
  • Tracks cases against organizations and/or personnel
  • Tracks activities against cases, including:
    - Tasks
    - Approvals
    - Appointments
    - Emails
    - Notes
    - Documents
  • Provides secure organizational and rolebased access control
  • Provides a complete audit trail of changes
  • Offers organizational roll-up reports of activities with drill-down capabilities
  • Displays all case-related work in one easyto-access location, My Activities
  • Alerts users with email notifications when assignments are made
  • Offers customizable case types, including:
    - Creates unique data fields
    - Defines workflows and approval/routing processes
    - Controls access by organization and role

Customer Spotlight
Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM) teaches 200-300 courses each year. For each course, there are 30+ steps required (e.g., getting the approval to fund the course, determining the location, confirming the teacher, printing the training documents, arranging meals, etc.). TwinEngines created a Hosted Training Event case type for KYEM that includes all of the predefined tasks and approvals so when a new Case is generated, KYEM doesn't miss a step.