• "We need to do a better job of keeping up with the demand for processing NGB-22 and DD-214 forms in our State Headquarters."
  • "It takes too long to determine the period of service calculations on our NGB-22s and DD-214s and I'm worried about the accuracy of these calculations."

The TwinEngines Discharges system helps you process the standard NGB-22, DD 214 and DD-215 Discharge forms. It integrates with the personnel system SIDPERS, the Retirements Points Accounts Management system RPAM, and the orders producing system MILPO Orders to pre-populate forms and eliminate keystrokes, improve accuracy and decrease processing time.

The DD-214 and NGB-22 both require time-consuming, error-prone calculations to determine the correct periods of service for the soldier. The Twin Engines discharges system integrates with your RPAM system to calculate these periods of service for you, reducing errors and eliminating the timeconsuming manual calculations.

TwinEngines helps you  better manage the Discharges process.

Discharges also allows you to create templates for DD-214s which will pre-populate many of the fields on the form. Combining a template with a batch allows you to quickly and easily create DD- 214s for entire units with just a few mouse clicks.

Each of the forms allows electronic signatures. The final, electronically signed version can be stored online as an attachment to the original web-based form.

Additionally, the Discharges system includes the ability to track when soldiers are nearing their ETS date and enables you to generate a DA-4836 to re-enlist the soldier, or create a Discharges PAR within MILPO Orders to start the process to officially Discharge the soldier. Unit personnel can view reports showing all the soldiers that are close to their ETS date for their organization, and work with the soldiers to either re-enlist them, or discharge them in a timely manner.


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TWINENGINES can help expedite the processing of discharge and re-enlistment related forms, including:

  • DD-214
  • DD-215
  • NGB-22
  • DA-4836

Discharges Product Features

  • Pre-populates data from SIDPERS
  • Calculates periods of service from RPAM
  • Stores forms online in a secure environment
  • Electronically signs forms
  • Creates templates for DD-214s to prepopulate several fields on the form
  • Creates batches of DD-214s for whole units
  • Stores and reuses common snippets and remarks with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Integrates MILPO orders
    • Automatically generates NGB-22s from discharge PARs
    • Generates discharge PARs from ETS summary
  • Quickly finds forms via search

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