Recruiting, Retention amd Promotions

  • "I don't have a good way to monitor the performance of our recruiters."
  • "I need to get a better handle on the process for reenlisting soldiers at the end of their term of service."
  • "We need to do a better job of ensuring our soldiers are promoted in a timely fashion."

Imagine being able to manage your state's end strength with an easy-to-use system that tracks the performance and daily activity of your recruiting and retention personnel. Then add the ability to track and manage promotions for your enlisted soldiers and you have just some of the features available to you from TwinEngines. Our solution provides dozens of reports that show historical trends and daily activities, making it easier for you to spot trends and take corrective actions in a more timely fashion.

  • Track recruiters credited with recruiting each soldier.
  • Manage recruiters by groups.
  • Define "Peer Groups," like "Experienced"
    and "Novice," and report against these groups.
  • Track historical performance of recruiters and their groups.
  • Assign goals to recruiters and track performance against these goals.
  • Track ETS status 30, 60 and 90 days out and all communication efforts made to the soldiers.
  • Generate an online 4836 to re-enlist the soldier.
  • Set up and track different reasons that soldiers are not re-enlisting.


  • View retention-related activities and performance summaries.
  • View attrition trends and historical details of soldiers that were discharged.


  • Track promotion eligibility dates for all soldiers.
  • Use the Commander's tool to enter notes and approve/deny promotions for soldiers.
  • Automatically promote soldiers in grades E1-E4 after Commander's approval.
  • Collect promotions scores and zones of consideration for E5-E9 soilders.
  • Publish and manage your OML online.
  • View promotion-related activity summaries and historical auditing reports.


TwinEngines helps you track promotion, eligibility and view monthly strength trends.


Gain Visibility into Recruiting, Reenlisting and Promotions with the Recruiting andRetention Product by TwinEngines

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TWINENGINES can help provide the visibility you need to improve your recruiting and retention efforts:


  • Report and group by locations
  • Report and group by peer group
  • Track historical performance
  • Track goals by recruiter and overall strength


  • Generate ETS reports with drill down capabilities
  • Generate a 4836
  • Track soldier contacts and reasons for not reenlisting
  • Report retention activities
  • View retention performance
  • View attrition trends and attrition detail


  • Track promotion eligibility
  • Capture commander approvals, disapprovals and notes for promotions
  • Automatically generate GRCH transactions to promote E1-E4 soldiers
  • Track the collection of promotion scores and zones of consideration for E5-E9 soldiers
  • Conduct a state level review of promotion scores and zones of consideration
  • Publish and manage the OML online
  • View promotions related activity summaries and historical auditing reports
  • Access to each of the functions above is controlled through different Recruiting, Retention and Promotions roles.

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