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Important News Related to RPAMNEXT

ETrans Manager is now available as part of the TwinEngines Web Application Suite

BETA release of PERMS Integrator

SAAR Management

RCAS V7.14

Migration to Servier 2012R2 Updated

Migration to Servier 2012R2

PERMS Integrator and RCAS

New Subscription Service Pricing

PERMS Integrator

SQL Server Authentication

Price Increase Goes into Effect May 1st, 2015

PERMS Integrator Version 4.8 is now Available

NGB has requested that ALL DD-214s and DD-215s now be completed through TRANSPROC

DIACAP Accreditation Update

DIACAP Accreditation

TRANSPROC to Electronically Transfer Data to DMDC

Awards Tracking, Evaluations, and Recruiting, Retention, and Enlisted Promotions System updates now available

Case Management 1.0 Release Now Available

Newly Revamped Evaluations & Awards Tracking Systems Available

Recruiting, Retention, Promotions Management and Pesonnel Case Management

New beta version for the Awards Tracking system is now available!

PERMS Integrator, Awards Tracking, and Discharges Systems Updates

OML functionality in Beta

TwinEngines' Updates - Evaluations, Discharges, Awards, and DA2-1

New Version of PERMS Integrator Available