Soldier History, Simplified and Accessible.

The DA2-1 application allows authorized users to view, update, or print a soldier's DA2-1DA2-1 form from anywhere on your Intranet, or even remotely using a dial-up connection.  By synchronizing with data from SIDPERS, TwinEngines' DA2-1 saves time, increases accuracy and reduces processing time for the DA2-1 form.


  • Integrated. Awards and weapons qualifications can be pulled from SIDPERS and the TwinEngines Awards application.  State awards are broken out for easy entry.
  • Automated. Item conjugation is automated so that overflow text is automatically printed in the Item Conjugation section of the DA2-1 form when more is entered than can fit in other sections
  • Functional. Record of Assignments can be entered or updated individually or you can create entries that span report columns.
  • Controlled. Access rights to soldiers' DA2-1s by View/Update rights and by command structure

Services and Support

  • Initial Purchase. Includes 30 days of telephone and email support to help with the installation and configuration of the product.  Also includes access to the online knowledgebase.
  • Annual Maintenance. Includes current version fixes, product enhancements, basic upgrades, email support and access to the online knowledgebase.
  • Quick Start Package. If you want to speed your implementation of this product, have TwinEngines personnel provide on-site installation and configuration support and user training.
  • Enhanced Support Plans. If you need a more customized support plan, or if you want to take advantage of TwinEngines development expertise for your own development staff, let TwinEngines design a support plan tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Consulting/Development Services. TwinEngines was built on developing customized automation solutions.  Let TwinEngines staff of experienced personnel help you on your next project.

Release Notes