PERMS Integrator

Simplify MILPO Orders - Export AFCOS Orders to PERMS

PERMS IntegratorPERMS Integrator reduces the tedium involved with importing documents into PERMS from various systems.  With PERMS Integrator, you easily import orders directly from your MILPO Orders system without having to print and scan each individual order.  PERMS Integrator allows you to quickly find the orders you want, then import them directly into PERMS with no manual indexing required.

In addition, it can import and index documents from other systems, including AFCOS, the TwinEngine's DA2-1 application, the PQR Report, and the RPAM NGB-23 statements.  An added feature allows you to convert any PDF file to TIFF so that you can avoid having to print and scan the enlistment package.


  • Speed. Convert order batches into TIFF files and them imports them directly to PERMS
  • Flexibility. Import documents in a variety of formats, including Orders, DA2-1, PQR, NGB-23, and the Enlistment Package.
  • Batch printing. Print a batch orders to any local or network printer.
  • Tracking. Track orders by the last order that was batch printed or converted to TIFF

Services and Support

  • Initial Purchase. Includes 30 days of telephone and email support to help with the installation and configuration of the product. Also includes access to the online knowledgebase.
  • Annual Maintenance. Includes current version fixes, product enhancements, basic upgrades, email support and access to the online knowledgebase.
  • Quick Start Package. If you want to speed your implementation of this product, have TwinEngines personnel provide on-site installation and configuration support and user training.
  • Enhanced Support Plans. If you need a more customized support plan, or if you want to take advantage of TwinEngines development expertise for your own development staff, let TwinEngines design a support plan tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Consulting/Development Services. TwinEngines was built on developing customized automation solutions. Let TwinEngines staff of experienced personnel help you on your next project.

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