T&S Tracking

Better manage MOSQ Training and Security Clearances

Training and Security Tracking helps you manage your soldier Duty MOS Training Non MOSQand Security Clearances by providing centralized tracking for all organizations within your state.  The system determines who is not Duty-MOS Qualified and the reason they are not Duty-MOS Qualified (e.g. Training for MOS, Training for ASI, Security Clearance, etc) and provides this information in a state-level summary with drill down capabilities.  In the diagram above, you see the following break-downs:

  • Non MOSQ - the number of soldiers and percentage of soldiers for each organization that are considered non-MOSQ for any reason.  This may include not acquiring the appropriate MOS or ASI for the Duty position, or insufficient security clearance.  NOTE: This is a more complete picture than what NGB calculates - NGB currently only look at the MOS, not the ASI and Security Clearance.
  • MOSQ - soldiers considered MOSQ.
  • Non MOSQ Due to Training - soldiers whose MOS does not match their duty position MOS.
  • Non MOSQ Due to Security - soldiers whose Duty Position requires a security clearance higher than what they currently have.
  • Non MOSQ Due to ASI Requirement - soldiers who have not met the ASI Requirement for their duty position.
  • SIDPERS Flagged as Not Qualified - soldiers who are flagged as "Not Qualified" in SIDPERS.  This can be used to ensure SIDPERS is updated appropriately.
  • ATRRS Qualified - Soldiers that have recently completed an ATRRS course and NGB has listed as "Qualified".
  • ATTRS In Training - Soldiers that are currently in training according to ATRRS.
  • ATRRS Reservations - Soldiers that have a reservation in ATRRS to attend training.
  • ATRRS MEPS Reservations - Soldiers that have a reservation in MEPS.
  • ATRRS Wait - Soldiers that are on a "Wait" status for training.
  • ATRRS No Training - Soldiers that are not MOS Qualified according to NGB that do not have any training scheduled.
  • ATRRS 3 Year Chronic - Soldiers that are not MOS Qualified according to NGB and have been unqualified for 3 years or more.

Each organization in the state is shown, including roll-up totals to the State level.  ATTRS StatusThis gives you a quick and complete picture of how the state is doing for Starc Level personnel, and how individual units, battalions, or brigades are doing at other levels.  Each non-rollup unit can be selected to view a complete list of the soldiers in that unit and their individual statuses.  For each soldier, you are shown:

  • ATRRS Status - shows the soldier's current ATRRS status, including "Qualified", "In Training", "Reserved", "MEPS Reserved", "Wait, "No Training Scheduled", and "3 Year Chronic".
  • Flags for "MOS", "ASI", and "Security" that signify which requirement has not been met by the soldier.

When selecting a single soldier, you are shown all available information for a soldier that pertains to their MOS Qualification.  This includes:

  • Soldier's Current MOSes in SIDPERS (Primary, Secondary, and Additional).MOS Information
  • Current Security Clearance in SIDPERS.
  • SIDPERS Flags.
  • Duty Position MOS, ASI, SQI, Local Data, and Security Clearance Required.
  • Any Active MOS PARs in MILPO Orders that have been created for this soldier.
  • Any MOS Orders that have been published in MILPO Orders.
  • Any documents in PERMS that pertain to MOS Qualifications (e.g. 1059).
  • A history of the ATRRS statuses for the soldier.  For example, if a soldier "Reserves" a class, goes to the class, then graduates, you will see three entries - "Reserved", "In Training", and "Qualified".
  • An "Action Plan" where you can provide additional information relating to the soldier's MOS Qualification.  This includes a date the soldier is expected to be MOS Qualified (so we can flag them when they don't become qualified by this date), and the ability to add notes to the record.

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