E-Trans Manager

E-Trans Manager - Audit Transactions from MILPO Orders into SIDPERS

E-Trans ManagerTwinEngines' E-Trans Manager software gives auditing and quality assurance to SIDPERS electronic transactions.  Applying MILPO Orders and ARISS electronic transactions to SIDPERS requires several manual steps; if one step is missed or performed incorrectly, a group of transactions would fail as a result.  There are no good mechanisms for ensuring that-once generated-the electronic transactions are actually applied to SIDPERS.

E-Trans Manager solves this problem, providing a better way to manage and track electronic transaction files. E-Trans Manager provides enhanced capabilities to audit transaction progress, resolve transaction failures, and generate reports and queries.  During the audit process, E-Trans Manager automatically distinguishes applied transactions from failures.  Analysts can view the transaction data, broken out by the individual data elements, correct invalid entries, and resubmit the transaction to SIDPERS.  For the NPSG and PSG transactions from ARISS, lookups are provided for all data codes and you can browse available positions within a unit to ensure the enlistee is put into the correct slot.


  • Audit transaction from ARISS to SIDPERS to ensure new enlistments are loaded without error into SIDPERS.
  • Validate ARISS Transactions to ensure PSG and NPSG transactions are correct before sending to SIDPERS.
  • Audit transactions from MILPO Orders to SIDPERS to ensure timely and accurate data updates to SIDPERS.
  • Automatically determines which transactions have been applied to SIDPERS and which failed.
  • Retains Transaction History using E-Trans Manager to generate the electronic transaction files.
  • Prevents Data Loss by flagging records as not having been applied to SIDPERS.
  • View Orders behind a transaction so that you can see failed transmissions as well as other orders associated with a soldier.
  • Filter Orders by type and date so you can quickly expedite transactions.

Services and Support

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  • Enhanced Support Plans. If you need a more customized support plan, or if you want to take advantage of TwinEngines development expertise for your own development staff, let TwinEngines design a support plan tailored specifically to your needs.
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