Release Notes


Version 1.83 - Dec 2015

  1. Fixed a problem with the import transaction screen caused by KB3104002 Cumulative security update for IE11.
  2. Database upgraded to version 70.

Version 1.82 - Nov 2015

  1. Fixed a problem with the SOLD (aka ISR) transaction definition getting removed from the ETransRef table.
  2. Database upgraded to version 70.

Version 1.81 - Nov 2015

  1. Fixed IE meta tags in Packets with Issues screen.

Version 1.80 - Nov 2015

  1. NPSG - if soldier has a "4" in the physical profile, they must be have a T in their physical category.
  2. PSG - if soldier has a "4" in the physical profile, they must have a V, W, X, or Y in the physical category.
  3. PSG - if soldier has a "3" in the physical profile, they must have a C, D, E, F, G, H, J, L, M, N, P, S, U, or W in the physical category.
  4. PSG - if soldier has a "2" in the physical profile, they must have a B or W in the physical category.
  5. SIDPERS Synch - fixed a problem with flag dates with an invalid century killing the synch process.

Version 1.79 - Sept 2015

  1. Fixed issue with Export Transactions and large numbers of transactions causing errors when exporting.
  2. Fixed issue with Transactions Sent and large numbers of records causing errors when reconciling.
  3. Transactions sent - added the ability to check all transactions with "Resend" or "Remove".
  4. Transactions sent - highlighted "Failed" transactions in red.

Version 1.78 - Aug 2015

  1. Meta tags added to force compatibility mode in IE.

Version 1.77 - March 2015

  1. Support for using Windows authentication for connections to SQL Server.
  2. PSG - when the MPC is missing in the import file, the import would fail. If MPC is blank, we determine it from the Rank.
  3. NPSG/PSG - added a critical error of RACE-POP-GRP cannot be 0 - unknown.
  4. PSG - broke out the local data personnel fields like they are on the NPSG transaction.

Version 1.76 - Sept 2014

  1. PSG - added validation for DAYS_WAIVED cannot be blank.
  2. PSG - fixed some validation rules between DAYS_WAIVED and BENEFIT_STAT_WVR_CODE.
  3. PSG/NPSG - error message for DATE-EXEC-6-YR-SVC-OBLIG should not be a future date added.
  4. PSG/NPSG - warning message for DATE-EXEC-6-YR-SVC-OBLIG being populated when ENLSTMT-OPT-PD is not 1, 4, or 5.
  5. PSG - Changed Break in Military Status to a combo box.
  6. PSG - Changed NCO Education to a combo box.
  7. PSG - Changed NCOES How Aquired to a combo box.
  8. PSG - Changed Benefit Status Waiver to a combo box.
  9. PSG - Changed IPAY to a combo box.
  10. PSG - Changed Source Commission/Warrant to a combo box.
  11. PSG - Changed Waiver to a combo box.
  12. PSG - Changed Branch School Enrolled to a combo box.
  13. PSG - Changed Branch School Completed to a combo box.
  14. PSG - Changed Course Level Enrolled to a combo box.
  15. PSG - Changed Highest Military College Course Completed to a combo box.
  16. PSG - Changed Command Status to a drop down.
  17. PSG - Changed 20 Year Certificate Status to a drop down.
  18. PSG/NPSG - error message for Date of Initial Procurement > PEBD.
  19. PSGW - Remmoved the "DD 4" and "DD 1966" labels since they Warrants don't have these forms.
  20. PSGO/PSGW - Removed the "Waiver" label since it doesn't apply to Officers and Warrants.

Version 1.75 - April 2014

  1. Fixed a problem with the PSG transactions and being able to edit them from the Packets with Issues screen.
  2. Fixed a problem with the Create Transactions screen and the PSG transactions not showing all fields correctly by MPC.
  3. Added several default values for the SOLD to PSG conversion data stream.
  4. Added additional fields to the SOLD transaction file definition, including LANG, MAERRT, ENPRWV, INDBT01, INDBT02, ASED, DTCSRO, and AFQTPS
  5. Added additional conversions from SOLD transaction to PSG transaction, including:
  6. Added "OriginatingSystem" to the Work In Progress screen.
  7. Set "OriginatingSystem" to "ARISS" and "ISR" during import process.
  8. Added UPC and Unit to the Export Transactions screen.
  9. Disabled the Transaction Mnemonic in the NPSG/PSG transaction detail pages. Manually changing this value could cause problems.
  10. PSG - Added a check for "0" in the TOT-YR-SAT-SVC-RT field. SIDPERS rejects a 0 in this field and requires either blanks or between 1 and 50.

Version 1.74 - Feb 2014

  1. Fixed a problem importing PSG transactions causing an error about field MAJ-SUBJ-COL-EDUC not being defined.

Version 1.73 - Jan 2014

  1. SOLD to PSG Conversion - added several defaults and value conversions.
  2. SOLD to PSG Conversion - using TRNSDT instead of DIEMS for the DATE_INIT_ENTRY_MIL_SVC.
  3. Added support for Officer and Warrant PSG transactions where the transaction format differs.
  4. Reduced the number of records that show on the Transactions Sent/Reconcile page to avoid error message when submitting data.
  5. PSG - Critical error for Duty Position being a required field was added.
  6. PSG - Removed a duplicate error message for "Soldier does not have the Required Security Clearance for the PMOS"
  7. PSG - RYE format now checked for valid MMDD format.
  8. PSG - Warning message added for TERM-ENLSTM-RES not matching ETS Date - Trans Date.
  9. PSG - Critical Error added for TRANS_DATE being a required field.
  10. PSG - Critical Error added for PMOSD-ENLD being a required field.
  11. NPSG - Changed warning message from PosnNmbrExcessInd is not 999T to PosnNmbrExcessInd is not YYYY.
  12. PSG - If AFQT_PCTL_SCORE cannot be "000" message added.
  13. PSG - If CURR-AERO-RT <> "W" then AVN_SVC_ENTRY_DATE is required.
  14. PSG - SRC_CMSN_WRNT is a required field. Defaulted to X in SOLD transaction.
  15. PSG - CMSND_WO_SVC_DATE is a required field.
  16. PSG - COMD_STAT is a required field. Defaulted to 3 in SOLD transaction.
  17. PSG - BASIC_BR is a required field. Defaulted to T0 in SOLD transaction.
  18. PSG & NPSG - If MAJ-SUBJ-COL-EDUC is "RAX (Unknown)" (which is now invalid) or blank, look at CIV-EDUC-LEVEL. If CIV-EDUC-LEVEL is HS or lower or "Y (None)", MAJ-SUBJ-COL-EDUC will be set to "YYY (None)". Otherwise MAJ-SUBJ-COL-EDUC will be set to "ZZZ (Unknown)"

Version 1.72 - August 2013

  1. Added FOUO Statement.
Version 1.71 - August 2013

  1. Installation - fixed a problem with the cmsuser account not having rights to a new usp_TransactionConversion_SEL stored procedure.

Version 1.70 - June 2013

  1. Admin - added configuration option to turn on and off the ability to pull MILPO Orders transactions into the system.
  2. Admin - added configuration option to set the status of the MILPO Orders transactions so that they go directly into either Work In Progress, or Export Transactions.
  3. Export Transactions - removed the "FTP" checkbox. Now files will be automatically uploaded to SIDPERS as long as the FTP configuration in the Admin page has been filled in.
  4. Installation - fixed a problem with the ETMUploads folder not being created during the installation.

Version 1.69 - May 2013

  1. Support for SOLD transaction import. Converts the SOLD transaction to a PSG transaction.
  2. NPSG/PSG Import - Race and Religion codes are converted to the new SIDPERS values.
  3. NPSG/PSG Validation - Race and Religion codes are validated to ensure they are valid entries in SIDPERS.
  4. NPSG - if Enlistment Waiver Condition is blank, it now defaults to Z9, No Prohibition.
  5. NPSG - if Current Aero Rating is blank it now defaults to W, Not Applicable.
  6. Synch Processes - added an additional synch process to pull over the Pay Grade and any active Flags from SIDPERS.
  7. Export Transactions - added the Pay Grade and Flags for the soldier.
  8. NPSG/PSG - Warning message for PhyCat when having multiple combinations of 2, 3, and 4 in the Profile was fixed.

Version 1.68 - April 2012

  1. COM+ Components removed.

Version 1.67 - Feb 2012

  1. FTP Password is no longer populating in the Admin page.

Version 1.66 - Nov 2011

  1. Limited the number of records returned on the Transactions Sent page to 250 to avoid errors when too many records were displayed.
  2. Put error checking on Effective Date to avoid problems caused during the Reconcile process when an invalid date gets into the transaction.

Version 1.65 - Dec 2010

  • Fixed a problem with RFP NPSG transactions adding a line feed character (^M) to the output stream when sent to SIDPERS.
  • Added additional validation rules for Weight. Officers must be between 90 & 267. If Enlisted are outside 90 & 267, they must have an Enlisted Waiver of W1.
  • Fixed a problem with searching for organizations in SIDPERS causing Invalid numeric data error messages.
  • When changing the Effective Date in the transaction, the Effective Date on the record which acts as a filter in the Export Transactions screen, was not getting changed. Fixed.
  • NGB Enlistment criteria reference updated to FY-07.
  • Database upgraded to version 1.61.

Version 1.64 - Sept 2010

  1. Installation now server 2008 compliant.

Version 1.63 - Dec 2009

  1. RFP - The edit checks for the 2 positions (Projected and Current) were swapped. The RFP position at the bottom of the form was actually for the R&R organization, while the position in the upper part of the form was for the projected position. The system now makes sure that the R&R Position with the 026A/52A para and line are at the bottom of the form under the "RFP" section.
  2. PSG - Blank RYE date will now cause a critical error message.
  3. Export Transactions - if the effective date on the transaction was null, these transactions would not show up. Occasionally RCAS can create transactions with a null Effective date. UI changed so that these will now appear in the list and can be processed.
  4. Database upgraded to version 1.60

Version 1.62 - Aug 2009

  1. RFP - when Enlistment Option Period was changed, the TermEnlistRsrv would change to an invalid value for RFP. Now defaults to 12 for all RFPs.
  2. RFP - critical error added for TermEnlistRsrv <> 12.
  3. RFP - when the "Create ATCH Transactions for all Non Prior Service Gains" is turned on, the Attached UPC will no longer show on the web page for an RFP transaction.
  4. RFP - when the "Create ATCH Transactions for all Non Prior Service Gains" is turned on, an ATCH transaction will not be generated for RFPs.
  5. RFP - the RFP UPC, Para, Line, and Duty Position are now checked against SIDPERS for validity.

Version 1.61 - Jul 2009

  1. RFP - Rule that Procurement Program must be "AX".
  2. RFP - Rule that Authorized Line Designator must be "52A".
  3. RFP - Rule that Authorized Paragraph Designator must be "026A"
  4. RFP - Rule that Duty Position must be "00F1O"
  5. Synch Process - fixed a SQL Error with the E-Trans Manager synch process.
  6. Database upgraded to 1.59

Version 1.60 - May 2009

  1. Support for RFP program.
  2. Removed the hyperlink to MILPO Orders since MILPO Orders will not allow direct links into their system anymore.
  3. Optimized the usp_Synch_MILPO_ETrans stored procedure to make it run faster.
  4. Database upgraded to 1.58

Version 1.59 - Mar 2007

  1. Fix for a bug in the Oracle 10.2 client.
  2. Fixed an installation related bug that can occur if installation is run without ever having imported SIDPERS files into the database using the loader.
  3. Database upgraded to 1.56

Version 1.58 - Feb 2007

  1. Fix for SIDPERS 10G SQL problem with the Reconcile function.
  2. Help changed to display the newly updated E-Trans Users Guide
  3. Fixed date formatting issue with View Soldier Transactions
  4. Database upgraded to 1.55

Version 1.57 - Nov 2006

  1. Fixed a problem with ATCH transactions getting generated with the same, incorrect, information in the ATCH transaction file.
  2. When selecting the Auth Para/Line from the pop-up window, the Unit name no longer get's blanked out unless the unit changes.
  3. Database upgraded to 1.54

Version 1.56 - Aug 2006

  1. PSG Transaction now allows an ENLSTMT-REEL-BONUS-ENTL value of A, C, D, Q, R, S, or W.

Version 1.55 - Jun 2006

  1. Database update 1.53.
  2. Modified synch stored procedure for datetime conversion error.
  3. Change links from using server variables to being relative links.
  4. Changes for address error when address is imported longer than 29 characters.

Version 1.54 - Jun 2006

  1. Database update 1.52.
  2. Update Get Paragraph Line for SQL Server 7.0.

Version 1.53 - Jun 2006

  1. Database update 1.51.
  2. Update to set ETrans_Enable_CreateNPSG_ATCH in Configuration file to Off if not set already.

Version 1.52 - Jun 2006

  1. Database update 1.50.
  2. Table for email process installed.
  3. Script file contains code to turn on Ole Automation Procedures for email processes that has to be run manually if needed.

Version 1.51 - Jun 2006

  1. Removed SIDPERS column from Ariss report.
  2. Modified Ariss report defaults.
  3. Removed grant for xp_sendmail in sql script 1.37.

Version 1.50 - May 2006

  1. NPSG/PSG - Modify rules for Enlistment Option Period and Terms of Enlistment.

Version 1.49 - May 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.47, 1.48, 1.49.
  2. Modifications for SQL Server 2005.
  3. Appinstaller upgrade for SQL Server 2005.
  4. Fix for Validate SSN error on import for SQL 7.0.

Version 1.48 - May 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.46.
  2. Modified FTP login and password encryption to handle special characters.
  3. Import Tx files - Added process for changing street address for NPSG/PSG to use Postal Service Standard Suffix on import of file.
  4. Added warning message when closing window without saving for NPSG/PSG/IADT.
  5. Added directory access test to FTP test on Admin page.
  6. Changed default path for FTP destination folder.

Version 1.47 - May 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.45.
  2. Change PMOSEnlist validation to use first four characters for POSC.
  3. Update for matching Ariss data to ETransMgr transactions.
  4. Update synch process and data insert for matching Ariss data to SIDPERS.
  5. Changed the alert message for saving critical errors.
  6. Fixed the PSG TermEnlistRsrv field to be read only.
  7. Added validation of TermEnlistRsrv and EnlistOptionPeriod on incoming data.
  8. Changed reconcile process back to original process for MILPO transactions.

Version 1.46 - Apr 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.44.
  2. Fix for Xceed not registering during application install.
  3. Modified FTP functionality and added status rollback for incomplete FTP.
  4. Delete the transaction text file in the export folder after successful FTP.
  5. Removed date range input at bottom of Transactions Sent page.
  6. Changed format and text for Action radio buttons on NPSG/PSG pages.
  7. Changed text for email administration on Admin page.
  8. Changed Ariss report to show Transaction and Packet Issues status.
  9. Changed Ariss report to not use Effective date for select function to determine link.
  10. Changed Email Report for Packet Issues to only include PSG, NPSG and IADT transactions.
  11. Added validation for PMOSEnlist on NPSG.

Version 1.45 - Apr 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.43.
  2. Allow Ariss upload of DSRO and automated spreadsheets.
  3. Added functionality to FTP files to SIDPERS.
  4. Added additional search functionality to Ariss Report.
  5. Added Unit/Unit Name insert to synch process.
  6. Added check for ArissData soldier in SIDPERS to synch process.

Version 1.44 - Apr 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.42.
  2. Modified synch process for UPC insert.
  3. NGB Enlistment Criteria document and menu item.
  4. Force refresh of Packet Issues page after closing Admin Recruiter email window to show changes.
  5. Change labels for Find Current UPC.
  6. Sort comments in email by date desc.
  7. Added distribution email for imports.
  8. Fix for save when email notifications is off on Packet Issues page.
  9. Fix for save when create ATCH is off on NPSG.
  10. Fix for comments in email.
  11. Save Packets Reply Email Address.
  12. Fix for focus error on NPSG and PSG.
  13. Updated Help text to be consistant with changes.

Version 1.43 - Apr 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.41.
  2. Fix for Transaction being removed from Packet Issues after reconcile.
  3. Fix for mulitple ATCH create.

Version 1.42 - Apr 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.40.
  2. Allow input of PMOSEnlist on NPSG form.
  3. Added ability to change Reply To email address for Packet Issues page.
  4. Added NGB Enlistment Criteria document and menu item.
  5. Added additional transactions to Create Transactions page.
  6. Added button for bulk move to WIP from Exports page.
  7. Fix for drop down boxes focus error when opening NPSG from Packet Issues page.
  8. Added fucntionality to auto-create the ATCH txt file and move the ATCH transaction to Sent page.
  9. Fix for Ariss Report Date cache not clearing.
  10. Fix for Ariss Excel report.
  11. Change labels for Find ATCH UPC.
  12. Fix for finding Soldier in SIDPERS for Ariss report.
  13. UPC/Unit Name to WIP page, synch process to find unit name.

Version 1.41 - Mar 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.39.
  2. Allow Import of Ariss spreadsheets.
  3. Created Ariss/SIDPERS variance report.
  4. Removed error message concerning non-citizen service.
  5. Automatically create ATCH transactions for NPSG.
  6. Added Admin page function for allowing automatic creation of ATCH for NPSG.
  7. Added transactions in reference table to reference type table.
  8. Fix for Transaction Originator not being in export file.
  9. Updated menu to show new features.

Version 1.40 - Mar 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.38.
  2. Packages with Issues - Changed email functionality to use SMTP.
  3. Packages with Issues - Added Mail Server field to Admin page for email functionality.
  4. Packages with Issues - Changed format of the email sent.
  5. Packages with Issues - Disable hyperlinks when fields are disabled.
  6. NPSG/PSG - Ensure TermEnlistRsrv/TERM-ENLSTM-RES is numeric from 000-999.

Version 1.39 - Feb 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.37.
  2. Changed Menu list order.
  3. Packages with Issues - Change Email link to drop down box.
  4. Packages with Issues - Allow assignment of recruiters with and without email turned on.

Version 1.38 - Feb 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.36.
  2. Updated menu to show 'Packets with Issues' instead of 'Transactions Sent to ROC'.
  3. Give users with 'ETrans Recruiter' role the new 'Packet Issues Manager' role.
  4. Enabled Transaction Originator Code on Admin page.
  5. Change radio button 'Mark this transaction as 'Complete' from R&R, to 'The issues with this transaction have been fixed'.
  6. Change radio button 'Mark this transaction as Waiting on R&R' to 'There are still issues with this packet. Leave it in the Packets with Issues page'.

Version 1.37 - Feb 2006

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.35.
  2. Removed the linked server definition from EtransMgr.
  3. Disabled the Transaction Originator code, Path of File Folder and Email Address on the Exports page and moved them to the Admin page.
  4. Validate the POSC code against the PERS_POSC_CODE_TBL.
  5. Fix for changing SMOS when soldier does not have security clearance.
  6. Changed the reference table lookups to allow search by code, description and blank.
  7. Validate TERM-ENLSTM-RES is numeric from 000-999.
  8. Transaction Report - add ability to change status.
  9. Add 'UPC used in transaction file names' item to Admin page to use instead of current user's UPC when generating file name for export files.
  10. Transaction Report - change 'PDF' link to 'PERMS'.
  11. Fix for creating PSGs for warrant officer.
  12. Work in Progress - change button from 'Send selected transaction to SIDPERS' to 'Mark Selected Transactions as Ready to Send'.
  13. Fix for last validation error message not clearing.
  14. Fix for Create Transaction error for PPAY.
  15. Added validation page for IADT.
  16. Duplicate statuses now show for only NPSG and PSG.
  17. Import Transactions - added message for user to have read/write access to folder on webserver.
  18. Enhanced validation for Bonuses.
  19. ROC - enabled all transactions with Waiting on RR to be seen.
  20. ROC - added email assignment for transactions.
  21. ROC - added administration for recruiter email addresses.
  22. ROC - will have only two choices for status selection on transactions pages.
  23. ROC - Disabled fields on transaction pages depending on status of transaction.
  24. Transaction Report - added ablility to search for 'Complete from RR' and 'Waiting on RR'.
  25. Changed 'ETransMgr Recruiter' to 'Packet Issues Manager'.
  26. Changed radio selections from "Mark this transaction as ready to send, it can now be sent to SIDPERS, but also send it back to R&R for follow-up" and "Send this transaction back to R&R for corrections" to "Mark this transaction as ready to send, it can now be sent to SIDPERS, but flag for follow up by the Packet Issues Manager" and "Send this transaction to the Packet Issues Manager for corrections".
  27. Added 'Enable Email Notifications' function to Admin page, sets values for email features to appear on Packets with Issues page.

Version 1.36 - Jan 2006

  1. Turn off synch process that pulls in electronic transactions from MILPO Orders.
  2. NPSG/PSG - Fix error rule for APO/FPO and address.
  3. NPSG/PSG - Added preceding zeros for Civilian Occupation codes.
  4. Fix for Header error when loading ROC Transaction Update page.
  5. NPSG/PSG - Fix for Mailing Address false error of not being populated.
  6. NPSG/PSG - Fix for DOB xml error.
  7. PSG - Fix for Assignment Loss Rsn, included A1:A2:B1:B2 as valid assignments.
  8. PSG - Fix for DATE-CURR-PROC false error of not being populated.
  9. Database upgrade - version 1.34.

Version 1.35 - Nov 2005

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.33.
  2. Added alert window for not selecting an action for NPSG/PSG.
  3. Fix for object error when loading soldier with MajSubColEduc for NPSG/PSG.
  4. Validate Duty Position MOS against POSC table in SIDPERS.

Version 1.34 - Nov 2005

  1. Database upgrade - version 1.32.
  2. Fix for MOS validation for NPSG/PSG PMOS-ENLD and EnlistReenlBnsRsrvMOS and SMOS.
  3. Fix for NPSG/PSG reconcile being marked as Applied to SIDPERS when they Fail.
  4. Change DATE-INIT-ENTRY-MIL-SVC field name to TRANS_DATE for PSG Transaction page.
  5. Change PDF link to PERMS.
  6. Change Admin page to show "State PERMS Server Login Page".
  7. Enhance POSC validation for ENLSTMT-REENL-BONUS-MOS and PMOS-ENLD.
  8. Give ETransMgr Admin access to Recruiter page.

Version 1.33 - Nov 2005

  1. Removed radio buttons and added check boxes to select for processing transactions with one button to run the selected process on the Export Transactions and Work in Progress pages.
  2. Removed "Remove" buttons and added check boxes to select for removing transactions with one button to run the selected process on the Export Transactions and Work in Progress pages.

Version 1.32 - Nov 2005

  1. Updated usp_Synch_MILPO_ETrans for synch process to set transactions from MIPLO Orders to have order status "Ready to Send".
  2. Database upgrade - (version 1.31).

Version 1.31 - Nov 2005

  1. Restricted access to Export Transactions and Transactions Sent screens to ETransMgr Admin only.
  2. Re-aligned radio buttons for actions.
  3. Database upgrade - (version 1.30).

Version 1.30 - Nov 2005

  1. *** Created an ETransMgr Admin role.
  2. *** ETransMgr Admin is only role that can export transactions to SIDPERS and the Reconcile function.
  3. Transaction Edit Screen - implemented radio buttons for options.
  4. Import Transactions - default status to "Held by User".
  5. Changed "Awaiting Processing" status to "Ready to Send".
  6. Created new column to display duplicate statues.
  7. Break out the Transactions to Process screen into two pages - Work in Progress and Export Transactions.
  8. Removed Recruiter combo box.
  9. Recruiter screen now shows all transactions that have been sent back to R&R.
  10. Added an R&R status field.
  11. When doing the reconcile for NPSG/PSG, if an active record exists in SIDPERS, mark it as reconciled regardless of whether or not the transaction exists in the transaction history table.
  12. Added Para/Line validation to the validation function.
  13. The validation function now runs automatically when the NPSG/PSG page first comes up.
  14. Database upgrade - (version 1.29).

Version 1.29 - Nov 2005

  1. Added ability to create transactions.
  2. Database upgrade - (version 1.28).

Version 1.28 - Oct 2005

  1. Made "Awaiting Processing" the default status for imported transactions.
  2. Added fix for "Operation Not Allowed" due to ASP Max Requests in the IIS Metabase.xml.
  3. Include an underscore character in file name when mnemonic is three characters when creating export files.
  4. Changed "Duplicate" status descriptions.
  5. Correct problem with warning messages not displaying when there are no critical errors after validation.
  6. Highlight all of the warning and critical error fields after the validate is complete.
  7. Transaction Report - search by date changed to use military date format.
  8. Correct Help page to refer to Synch process stored procedure.
  9. Included transaction types - PPAY and IADT.
  10. Database upgrade - (version 1.27).

Version 1.27 - July 2005

  1. Transaction to Process - prevent processing of duplicates unless marked.
  2. Database upgrade - (version 1.26).

Version 1.26 - June 2005

  1. Import Tx Files - fix import error for NPSG/PSG files.

Version 1.25 - June 2005

  1. Database upgrade
  2. Transaction to Process - fix trailing spaces issue.
  3. Import Tx Files - Changed 'Duplicate' status criteria to apply to if the soldier has an active record in SIDPERS and an NPSG or PSG transaction in ETrans and has been 'Reconciled' (e.g. the transaction has already been processed through E-Trans and SIDPERS has been updated successfully).
  4. Import Tx Files - Added new status of 'Active Duplicate'. Applies to if the soldier has an active record in SIDPERS, but no NPSG or PSG transactions have been through ETransMgr.
  5. Import Tx Files - Changed status of 'Possible Duplicate' to 'ETransMgr Duplicate'. Applies to if there is no active record in SIDPERS for the soldier, but there is another 'Active' transaction in E-TransMgr. An 'Active' transaction in E-TransMgr would be any transaction that is still on one of the screens (Returned to ROC, Sent To SIDPERS, Held by User, etc..).

Version 1.24 - May 2005

  1. Database upgrade - convert to AITS 2.0.
  2. NPSG/PSG - fixed future date error for YrMoLastExam.
  3. NPSG/PSG - Allow save without validation when select button "Return to Recruiter".
  4. NPSG/PSG - Allow user to save document with Critical Errors.
  5. Fixed Decryption Error in Appinstaller.
  6. Transaction to Process - orders link error fixed.

Version 1.23 - May 2005

  1. Database upgrade - update for MILPO Orders pulling incorrect data.

Version 1.22 - May 2005

  1. Database upgrade.
  3. NPSG/PSG - repaired Remove process.
  4. NPSG/PSG - repaired Save process.
  5. NPSG/PSG - display Critical Errors when data not saved due to Critical Errors.
  6. PSG - fixed 'Cumulative Leave Paid' false error message.
  7. PSG - fixed xml error for 'Date 6yr Oblig'.
  8. PSG - fixed SMOS ENLD error.
  9. PSG - fixed NPSG error on PSG.
  10. PSG - fixed Civilian Education Level/MajSubColEduc business rules.
  11. PSG - fixed Num Days Wavied/Benefit Status Waiver business rules.
  12. PSG - changed warning message for EnlistmentOptionPeriod to apply to PSG.
  13. PSG - fixed EnlistmentOptionPeriod business rule.
  14. PSG - removed error check for Enlist w/bonus and Enlist option for 6 years, reason - not applicatable to PSG.

Version 1.21 - Apr 2005

  1. Database upgrade.

Version 1.20 - Apr 2005

  1. PSG/NPSG - display 'Duplicate' or 'Possible Duplicate' status types on the Transaction to Process page after Import.
  2. PSG/NPSG - Grouped items by association.
  3. PSG/NPSG - Fixed rules logic for BAQ E Date, PhyCatg, EnlistOptionPeriod, EnlistReenlBonusEntMOS.
  4. Database upgrade.

Version 1.19 - Apr 2005

  1. PSG - Error/Warning validation added.
  2. Database upgrade - Synch Processes.

Version 1.18 - Apr 2005

  1. NPSG - Error/Warning validation added.
  2. Import Tx Files - check for Carriage Return in text file to prevent empty records.
  3. Database upgrade.
  4. Transaction to Process - removed text file creation on Remove transaction

Version 1.17 - Mar 2005

  1. Encrypted database login in windows registry.
  2. Database upgrade.
  3. Synchronization Processes added to CMSWebServices Synch Processes.

Version 1.16 - Mar 2005

  1. Database upgrade.
  2. PSG/NPSG - corrected the reference for the POSC for the Duty Position look-up.
  3. PSG/NPSG - changed the reference for Vacancies in the Duty Position look-up.
  4. PSG/NPSG - changed reference for Duty Position Title look-up.
  5. PSG - fixed "TERM-ENLSTM-RES" xml node error.
  6. Transactions to Process - NPSG/PSG - color of Status will change to Red if "Awaiting Processing" for more than 15 days.

Version 1.15 - Mar 2005

  1. Database upgrade.
  2. Added default gateway page to direct user to correct opening page.
  3. Allowed Recruiter user access to Transaction Report, Help and Release Notes.
  4. Corrected combo box save issue on NPSG and PSG pages.

Version 1.14 - Mar 2005

  1. Database upgrade.

Version 1.13 - Mar 2005

  1. Fixed alignment problem with Transactions Sent page.
  2. Installation program error to configure MTS Components.
  3. Added separate page for PSG view soldier.
  4. Added Drop-downs for PSG view soldier.
  5. NPSG/PSG pages - changed to hyperlink look-ups for view soldier, indicated by '*'.
  6. NPSG/PSG pages - fixed save problem for some fields.
  7. NPSG/PSG pages - added fields to display available code descriptions on NPSG and PSG pages.
  8. NPSG/PSG pages - show description and code in dropdowns and lookup pages.
  9. NPSG/PSG pages - sort lists in dropdowns.
  10. NPSG/PSG pages - added City and Unit search to Duty Position lookup.
  11. NPSG/PSG pages - fixed "unterminated string" error during search when return value contained double quotes.
  12. NPSG/PSG pages - allow "blank" searches to return all.
  13. NPSG/PSG pages - change search to look for characters within the description.
  14. NPSG/PSG pages - UPC search returns sorted by Report Sequence Code.
  15. NPSG/PSG pages - removed default value on lookup pages.
  16. NPSG/PSG pages - changed lookup pages to search by description.
  17. Changed SQL query's to avoid crash if SIDPERS is down during install.
  18. Upgraded the Database
  19. Import Text Files page - added file list display.
  20. Import Text Files page - added check for duplicate file upload.
  21. Import Text Files page - added notification of records imported.
  22. Import Text Files page - increased the size of the file name box.
  23. Incorporated NPSG/PSG links into "Transactions to Process", "Transactions Sent" and "Transactions Returned to Recruiter" pages.

Version 1.12 - Feb 2005

  1. Added separate page for NPSG view soldier.
  2. Added Drop-downs for NPSG view soldier.
  3. Added Tab look-ups for NPSG view soldier, indicated by '*'.
  4. Added Help files.
  5. Upgraded the Database to version 1.10.
  6. Fixed installer problem for new install.
  7. Added ability to remove transaction from processing on Transaction to Process page.

Version 1.11 - Jan 2005

  1. Fixed problem of spaces being trimmed off of end of Soldier data.

Version 1.10 - Jan 2005

  1. Enabled 'Attachment (ATCH)' Transaction Type to show.
  2. Upgrade the Database to version 1.9.

Version 1.09 - Jan 2005

  1. The radio buttons for Hold and Process transactions will now change depending on the status of the soldier.

Version 1.08 - Dec 2004

  1. Connection to SIDPERS now goes through SQL Server linked server. You no longer have to have the Oracle client installed on the web server.
  2. Recruiting and Retention hooks.
  3. Added new page for 'Transactions sent to ROC'.
  4. Updated menus to show new page for ROC.
  5. Added 'Status' column to 'Transactions to Process' page.
  6. Added Comment area to 'Transaction Information' page.
  7. Created new db role: 'Recruiter'.
  8. Added new status items:'Resubmitted' and 'Returned to Recruiter'.
  9. Updated reference table for PSG and NPSG breakout.
  10. Added Audit Log to 'Transaction Information' page.

Version 1.04 - Jun 2004

  1. PSG Transaction now supported.

Version 1.03 - Mar 2004

  1. When viewing the SIDPERS transactions, the transaction are broken apart into the individual fields which you can now edit.
  2. Import Transactions - a check is done on the first line of the file for the email address. If the first line does not contain an "@" (signifying it is not an email address), then it is imported. Otherwise the first line is skipped.
  3. Transactions Sent to SIDPERS - The "Orders" view was not always returning records. Fixed.
  4. View Orders - link allows for connecting to the RCAS 8.1 MILPO Orders server.

Version 1.02 - Feb 2004

  1. Installation - shortcut to "Set Database Login" did not work.
  2. Transactions to Process - the Originator Code, Path, and Email Address were previously saved in the Registry on the web server. On Win2000 systems, the user logged into the website would have to have write permissions on the web-server's Registry or they would get an error. This information has now been moved to the database to avoid this problem.
  3. Process Transactions - filter by Transaction Type and Effective Date added.
  4. Import Tx Files added - gives the ability to import previous transaction files or NPSG transactions from ARISS and track them in SIDPERS.

Version 1.01 - Jan 2004

  1. Transactions To Process - Transaction Originator Code, Path, and Email address were not saving. Fixed.
  2. Transaction Files - semi-colons removed from the end of each line of transaction.
  3. View SIDPERS Tx - screen added to view all SIDPERS Transactions for a soldier.
  4. Record counts added.