T&S Tracking Release Notes

Training & Security Tracking Release Notes


Release 1.21 - April 2012

  • COM+ Components removed.

Release 1.20 - Oct 2010

  • MOS Conversions - Fixed a problem with generation of PARs where they would not show up in MILPO Orders.
  • MOS Conversions - PARs were not showing on the last record in the list.
  • MOS Conversions - removed the MILPO Orders hyperlinks since MILPO Orders no longer allows you to link into that system directly anymore.
  • MOS Conversions Help - added list of tables in RCAS database that need read/update permissions in ordero to function correctly.

Release 1.19 - Sept 2010

  • Installations now Server 2008 compliant.

Release 1.18 - Jun 2010

  • Fixed some issues with the installation and the SQL Scripts.

Release 1.17 - Mar 2007

  • Valid Security Clearances table now updated to allow SIDPERS to require "Interim" security clearances for MOSes
  • SIDPERS 10G - fixed an error with the unit detail caused by 10G migration.
  • Fixed a problem with the Oracle 10.2 client.
  • Fixed a bug with the Excel generation from the MOS Conversion window.
  • MOSQ Summary Charts - graphs changed to all pie charts and fixed a problem with the chart by subordinate commands.
  • Database update - 1.23 & 1.24.

Release 1.16 - Nov 2005

  • Database update - 1.22.

Release 1.15 - Nov 2005

  • Correct problem with soldier showing up as Not Qualified and showing the incorrect security expiration data on the Unit and Soldier detail pages.
  • Moved the Notes box to a new line.
  • Collapse Training Plan area when not displaying.
  • Fixed problem of changing the status of the Action Plan and the Training Plan information not showing.
  • Show Training Plan information for statues New, Approved, Waiting Approval, Completion Date Passed.
  • Fix problem with some detail information for the soldier not showing.
  • Database update - 1.21.

Release 1.14 - Nov 2005

  • Database update to v.1.20.
  • Automatically set positions with "Branch Immaterial" indicator (a 00B00 duty POSC) as Qualified.
  • Change Security Clearance Expiration date calculation to use Date Investigation Completed.
  • Update Summary page to filter on REC_PREC = 99999999 for SIDPERS Non Qual.
  • Make updates for version 3 of AITS, IDV_Organization_Milpo table.
  • Change Soldier Detail so that blank and null Duty Position Security Clearances are treated as not needing security clearance.
  • When a soldier does not have a security clearance that is required for thier duty position, mark the Security columnwith a red background and 'X'.
  • Sort the ATRRS records by date imported descending (most recent on top).
  • Show all ATRRS statues on the Unit Detail page.
  • Fix for soldier information getting blanked out occasionally.
  • Fix for errors during load when linked servers are not created.
  • Fix for saving a note.
  • Don't show the Plan of Action(Training Plan) section if the soldier is qualified.

Release 1.13 - Oct 2005

  • Database update to v.1.19.
  • Synch process unit updates.
  • Set Status ID in table.

Release 1.12 - Sep 2005

  • Database update to v.1.18.
  • NonNOSQ Page Load.
  • MPC not carrying over to detail page.
  • Have synch process load table with some summary data.

Release 1.11 - Sep 2005

  • Soldier Detail - capture notes User.
  • Soldier Detail - Format date security clearance expires.
  • Unit Detail - add Completion Status column.
  • Unit Detail - Show date security clearance will expire.
  • Unit Detail - Show Date Modified.
  • Summary - Fix for Invalid Para/Line.
  • Removed linked server definition.

Release 1.10 - Aug 2005

  • Database upgrade - v1.17 .
  • Soldier Detail - Add security related fields.
  • Soldier Detail - Add "Date Modified" and "Modified By" to page.
  • Soldier Detail - Add the soldier's UPC, Attached UPC, Unit Name and Attached Unit name.
  • Soldier Detail - fix Notes, the "user" that entered the notes was not being captured.
  • Summary Page - Add Security tab with break down of security clearance information by unit.
  • Unit Detail - Highlight soldiers based off of thier security clearaance status.
  • Unit Detail - Add the Reason APFT, Weight Control, Conflict and Date Modified to the view.
  • Add mappings for interim security clearances so that they are valid for duty position.
  • Remove link to MOS for marking soldier "Non-MOSQ" due to an ASI.

Release 1.09 - Jun 2005

  • Fixed an error of "String or binary data would be truncated" when viewing the soldier detail information.
  • When filtering on MPC in the Non MOSQ Statistics page, the SIDPERS Flagged as NonMOSQ calculations were incorrect.

Release 1.08 - Jun 2005

  • MOS Conversions - fixed problem in MOS PAR Creations that kept the PAR from showing up in MILPO Orders.
  • MOS Conversions - fixed a problem with additional instructions and the MOS PAR Creation.
  • MOS - several screens that returned MOS information for soldiers were showing duplicate records.
  • MOS - fixed a problem with the MOS Search and Create MOS PARs screen not having the organizational level security applied to it.

Release 1.07 - May 2005

  • Database installation scripts updated so that updates will run without the linked servers being present.
  • MOS Conversions - Soldiers with DMOS matching search criteria were also being returned when they should not have been.

Release 1.06 - May 2005

  • Help Added.
  • Support added for AITS 2.0 release.

Release 1.05 - Apr 2005

  • Create MOS PARs - the hyperlink to the PAR was missing the PARTypeID. Fixed.
  • Create MOS PARs - Non-MOS MOS/ASI/Security Clearance flags added.
  • Create MOS PARS - Action defaults to "Hold" for soldiers that don't have a security clearance.
  • Soldier MOSQ Information - added DD-214 and NGB-22 document types to the PERMS documents.
  • Soldier MOSQ Information - MOS PAR PMOS/SMOS/AMOS and Current Location added to the page.
  • MOSQ For Unit - duplicate records showing up. Fixed.
  • MOSQ Summary - SIDPERS Flagged as Not Qualified column was not filtering out REC_PREC <> '99999999' and was therefore including inactive soldiers in the calculation. Fixed.
  • NCOES Report - performance increased to keep the report from timing out.
  • NCOES Report - you now have the option to select the unit before generating the report.
  • NCOES Report - added options to export to PDF and Excel.
  • MOS Conversions - the MOS PAR was not actually created. Fixed.
  • Non MOS Due to ASI - Duty ASI's coded as YY were not counted the same as blank (i.e. YY was considered an ASI). Fixed.

Release 1.04 - Apr 2005

  • Create MOS PARs - now shows up to 4 previous MOS orders and PARs per soldier without duplicating the records. PARs now show the Primary, Secondary, and Additional MOS.
  • Create MOS PARs - Create PAR, Hold, and Remove buttons respond more quickly.
  • Create MOS PARs - Unit clerk now has access to this screen and can create MOS PARs for their soldiers. NOTE: PAR options such as PAR Type, notes, etc. can only be set by users with Admin rights and they are setting them for all users.
  • Create MOS PARs - progress bar now shows the status of which PAR is currently being created.
  • Create MOS PARs - PAR Types combo box did not show all format variations.
  • Database connection encrypted in registry on web server.
  • Search MOS - added MPC, and Date of Rank to search criteria.
  • Search MOS - link to soldier MOS detail added.
  • Search MOS - Non MOSQ Reasons and Training Plan Completion date added.
  • MOS Conversions - now shows up to 4 previous MOS Orders and PARs per soldier without duplicating the records. PARs now show the Primary, Secondary, and Additional MOS.
  • MOS Conversions - removed the option to filter out records with PARs (not needed due to above).
  • MOS Conversions - toggling the check box responds more quickly.
  • MOS Conversions - progress bar now shows the status of which PAR is currently being created.
  • MOS Conversions - PAR Types combo box did not show all format variations.
  • MOS Conversions - PMOSD-Basis for Acquiring changed to E.
  • Correct a misspelling in the ATRRSInTrainingTable (AttrsInTrainingID->ATRRSInTrainingID)
  • NCOES Report Added

Release 1.03 - Dec 2004

  • Create MOS Conversion PARS - the hyperlink to the PAR was not working.
  • Create MOS Conversion PARS - the PMOS was being set to the new MOS regardless of whether the PMOS is the one being converted.
  • MOS Search - the PMOS, AMOS, and SMOS was not returning for some records.

Release 1.02 - Oct 2004

  • ATRRS Statistics actually showed old records that have been removed from Spreadsheets.
  • Create MOS PARS - when selecting more than a few PARs, the web server would time out and cause an error. The MOS PARs are now created in a background process.
  • Create MOS PARS - Records that have been "Removed" from the ATRRS Spreadsheets were still showing.
  • Create MOS PARS - you have options to "Remove", "Hold", or "Create PARs" to better manage PAR Creation.
  • Create MOS PARS - shows the last MOS Order and PAR created in MILPO Orders with a link to MILPO Orders.
  • Soldier MOSQ Information - the ATRRS course hyperlink was not working for some items.
  • Action Plans Detail Report added.
  • ATRRS Detail Report added.
  • MOS Qualified Detail Report added.
  • MOS Conversion utility added.
  • MOS Report added.

Release 1.01 - Oct 2004

  • Additional ATRRS Spreadsheets now imported - APFT Failures, Overweight, No Shows, and Non Completion.
  • Upload ATRRS data page added. This page replaces the SQL Server DTS Package for importing data. You can now upload the ATRRS data files directly to the web server and import them.
  • Non DMOSQ Summary - Add the "Action Plans" view that shows all incomplete action plans.
  • Non DMOSQ Summary - Added the "Detail Report" button that will generate a detailed report for DMOSQ, ATRRS, and Action Plans.
  • MOSQ For Unit - added the ATRRS tab to show the ATRRS details for each unit.

Release 1.0 - Jul 2004

  • First release.